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As much as we love curating the best coffee blends, our brand is focusing on sustainability, this year. We ask you to join our program and make a difference

Get a Box of 10 Capsules Absolutely FREE!!

Just return 100 Coffeeza coffee capsules and earn a a box of 10 capsules as a reward for helping us protect the environment.

We truly believe, that every good deed must be rewarded.

How to return the capsules and claim my reward?

Just follow the steps mentioned below to return your empty capsules

Step 1

Peel off the top foil layer of the used capsule. Since it is made of aluminum it is easily recyclable and can be disposed with other trash.

Step 2

Empty the capsules by taking out the used coffee grounds (do not throw these out). Wipe the capsules clean.

Step 3

Collect 100 such empty Coffeeza capsules, fill this form here to request the pick-up of empty capsules.

For more details call us on 1-800-123-5171

Creative ways to upcycle used coffee capsules and coffee grounds

Avoid throwing away used coffee grounds as they have many benefits, they can help eliminate bad odours in the house, they can be used to scrub utensils and so on.

Those with a creative streak can also repurpose used coffee capsules for various DIY projects. Have a look at our favourites below.

Use the grounds as fertilizer or compost

Make tiny capsule flower pots (succulents)

Use the grounds to make a body scrub

Be the Change!

So, stop throwing used coffee capsules in the trash, it’s time to be the change, because if not now, then when?

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