Coffeeza Lattisso Coffee Machine - featured as a favourite state-of-the-art kitchen appliance by Grazia India.
Barista-Style Coffee at home, Coffeeza feature on Indulge
Fathers Day Gifting Option with Coffeeza - Daily Hunt Feature
Coffeeza Founder Rahul Aggarwals Father's Day Feature on Yourstory.
Coffeeza to increase modern trade penetration across metros - ET Hospitality
Mumbai Live feature of Coffeeza's Flavoured Coffee Capsules
FnB News coverage of Coffeeza's Flavoured Capsules Hazelnut & Chocolate
Indifoodbev featuring Coffeeza's Limited Edition flavours Chocolate & Hazelnut
Coffeeza announces two limited edition flavours of their Capsules - The Hotel Times covergae
Express Food & Hospitality Feature - Gourmet Coffee brand Coffeeza's Limited Edition blends Hazelnut & Chocolate
LBB Pune - Featuring 2 Flavoured Coffee Capsules from Coffeeza
Coffeeza's Limited Edition Hazelnut & Chocolate Capsules Blends - Featured on Hospibuz
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