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Coffeeza started with the dream to bring fine-tasting coffee into people's personal lives. Being a serious coffee lover myself, I was familiar with the difficulty and the inconvenience of preparing a great-tasting cup of coffee in the morning. Drinking coffee for me, just like for many others, is a daily ritual and I had to find a more convenient way of preparing and enjoying a great-tasting cup. Hence, with the support of my wife, Suchita, we together founded Coffeeza.

Coffeeza allows you to enjoy your favourite coffee beverage (Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte etc.) in a matter of a few seconds in the comfort of your home or office. Our goal is to make indulgence easy for all coffee lovers.

We started by partnering with the best coffee companies in Europe to source the finest coffee from plantations around the world (Brazil, Columbia, Honduras, Vietnam etc.) This coffee is then packed into special capsules which have oxygen-barrier properties. This allows your coffee capsules to retain a high shelf life of 24 months. We bring you a handpicked variety of coffee blends and flavours which deliver nothing but pure joy and satisfaction to taste buds.

Furthermore, to ensure that coffee extraction happens efficiently, we sourced machines which are really easy-to-operate and come with superior 19-bar pressure technology to help extract the rich aromas and flavours from the coffee capsule. In addition, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that our machines go through multiple levels of quality checks in order to consistently deliver great performance.

We hope to make your coffee experience memorable and special, always.

- Rahul Aggarwal (Founder)




Eternally an ardent coffee drinker, Rahul grew up in Delhi in a predominantly business family. He developed a keen interest in starting his own business while growing up. Consequently, he kick-started his dream by completing his MBA from Babson College, USA — a reputed institution for entrepreneurship.

After graduating from Babson in 2011, Rahul continued to work in his family business. Over there, he learnt the ropes of running a successful business and managing teams. He also took this opportunity to travel the world and explore new ideas which later served to plant the seeds for Coffeeza.

Rahul observed coffee trends around the world and identified the needs of an emerging coffee market in India. Finally, in 2018, after much soul searching and countless cup of coffee, he took a leap of faith and launched Coffeeza — a premium single-serve coffee brand for discerning coffee lovers. He now lives in Goa with his family. Besides his love for coffee, he also enjoys travelling and playing his guitar.

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