Lattisso One-Touch Capsule Coffee Machine (10 FREE Capsules Included)

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The Lattisso One-Touch Capsule Coffee Machine is a specially designed Italian coffee machine that allows you to brew the perfect cappuccino easily at home.

The machine uses a high performing 20 bar pressure pump, to extract coffee with indulgent layers of crema. It has 3 present brewing functions that allow you to brew a Cappuccino, Espresso or Lungo at one-touch. The attached milk frother pours the frothed milk directly into the coffee cup, and it is easy to clean since it is detachable from the machine.

Brewing Options: Cappuccino, Espresso & Lungo
Suitable For: Those who love to have their coffee with milk; you can prepare a Cappuccino, Espresso or Lungo
Colour Availability: White & Black
Compatibility - Coffeeza and Nespresso®* Original coffee capsules
Package Includes- 1 Coffee Machine & 10 Coffeeza capsules.
Warranty: Includes a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase covering parts, labour and 2-way shipping (to-and-fro Coffeeza Service Centre)

Recommended with Amul/Nestle Tetra Pak milk
**Note: This is a personal-use machine having a capacity of brewing up to 20 cups a day and recommended with Amul/Nestle Tetra Pack milk

Note: The MRP (inclusive of all taxes) is Rs.32,999 with a net weight of  3.4kg.


Ask a Question
  • What is the temperature of the coffee after it is dispense?

    The temperature of the coffee after it is dispense is 70 degree Celsius.

  • Can I put milk in the water tank?

    No, water tank is only for the water no other liquid can be used in it. It can store 0.65 lt of water in it.

  • How much quantity of milk is required to brew cappuccino?

    To brew cappuccino 80ml of milk is required. The measurement is also marked on the milk frother.

  • Does the warranty overs the internal part of the machine?

    Yes, the warranty covers internal parts of the machine.

  • How many cups of coffee can the machine dispense per day?

    Our machine can dispense 20 cups of coffee per day.

  • Is the Machine suitable for commercial use?

    No, our machines are intended for home and office use.

  • Is there any way to use ground coffee in this Machine?

    You can only use a coffee capsule (Coffeeza or Nespresso* Original compatible capsules) in this machine. Loose ground coffee cannot be used in this.

  • These capsules how many cups does each capsule give

    Greetings from Coffeeza.
    Thank you for the query, with one coffee capsule you can prepare one cup of coffee.
    For any more information you can give us call us on our toll free number 1800-123-5171 or 8208760952.

  • can we get demo of machine

    Greetings from Coffeeza.
    Thank you for the query, Currently we do not have any demo centre anyhwere , but you can check out the videos of the machine on our website and Youtube 
    If you have any more queries you can give us call on our tollfree number 1800-123-5171.

  • what all coffee can i get from this machine

    Greetings from Coffeeza.
    Thank you for your query.
    Sir, you can prepare Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano, Macchiato, Mocha and Latte and also most of cold breverages.
    For any more queries please call us on our toll free number 1800-123-5171 or 8208760952.

  • Is the frother contraption (not the mil jug) detachable? Asking w.r.t to clean the device

    Greetings from Coffeeza.
    In the Lattisso coffee machine, frother lid and steam wand is detatchable for cleaning.

  • Does the volume of coffee dispensed need to be adjusted? Reason being the quantity of coffee dispensed when I press the long coffee button is too less and I actually need to dispense thrice to make about 3/4 of a standard coffee cup.

    Thank you for your question.
    Sir our espresso is programmed for 40 ml dispense and lungo is programmed for 80 ml dispense.

  • Will you do cod cause that is the only way I can buy the machine

    Dear Ma'am,

    Greetings from Coffeeza.

    Yes, we do take COD orders, there will cash on delivery charges of 450 rupees for the machine.

  • Can this make cold coffee and can we put coffee beans or like and other powdered coffee in it other than the sachets

    Hi Pranay,

    Lattisso coffee machine is a Capsule based machine, where you have to use the coffee capsule/pods.

    You can prepare a cold coffee through our machine.
    Recipe :You have to add chilled milk in the frother and press the cold froth button, when the frothing is done you just have to pour it in a glass filled with ice, add coffee powder and sugar mix it well.

  • Is it made in China?

    Yes, that is correct.

  • As i am black coffee lover so is this machine suitable for making black coffee like nespresso?

    Hello. Yes, you can make black coffee with the Lattisso coffee machine. The Lattisso is capable of frothing milk for milk coffee beverages. If your only interest is in black coffee, the Finero coffee machine would be a more suitable option.

  • Does the machine dispense milk directly in the cup after hearing and frothing? Or does the milk have to be poured separately?

    The frothed hot milk has to be poured separately. This allows the user to add the milk as per his or her liking.

  • Can we use coffee beans too

    Unfortunately not. The Lattisso machine only works with Nespresso or Coffeeza compatible capsules.

  • Can we make tea ( with milk ) ?

    No, sorry.

  • Is there a place where I can get demo of the machine in Bangalore?

    Greetings from Coffeeza.

    No, we do not provide any demo of the machine in Bangalore.

  • Does the milk frother heat the milk and automatically shuts down once frothing is done?

    That is correct. The milk frother comes to auto stop once milk heating and frothing has completed.

  • Can we get a demo in office please.

    No, we do not provide any demo for our coffee machines. If you wish to know how our coffee machine works kindly refer to the link below.

  • Can we use any other brand of coffee capsules?

    Yes, you can, as long as it is "Nespresso compatible".

  • hi we need a tea coffee soup vending machine for nearly 12-15 users in our office in nariman point Mumbai. it should use fresh milk please suggest or call me on 022 22880808

    Hello. Unfortunately, at the moment, we don't deal in vending machines. Thank you.

  • Lattisso Coffee-in-capsule Coffee Machine of Nespresso if we order, will it be delivered to our Ahmedabad, India address ? Will there be any delivery charges for this and / or customs duty to be paid additionally ? Can we speak to some one on telephone about this in detail ? please give a telephone number which we can dial immediately.

    Hello. We offer free shipping throughout India. We ship from our warehouse in Goa, hence, there won't be any customs duty. You may call the following toll free number to speak to our customer care team: 1-800-123-5171. Have a nice day.

  • Hi, Is there a warranty on this machine? Can any AMC will be provided by you in the future?

    Hello. Yes, we provide a 1 year hassle-free warranty with every machine purchase. For more details, please check out the 'Warranty Policy' section on our website.

  • Do all the flavours of nespresso pods work in it ? Or some specific flavour we have to buy?

    Yes, all Nespresso pods will work.

  • Can you use a reusable coffee pod?

    No, You cannot use reusable coffee pods.

  • Can Nespresso capsules be used inside this?

    Yes! It is Nespresso compatible.

  • Can we use other coffee powder other than Nespresso coffee capsule

    No you cannot.

  • Are there separate jugs for milk and water or just one?

    Yes. There is a separate water container and a milk container.

  • How many cup of coffee does one capsule make

    Each capsule makes 1 cup of coffee.

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Shubhra H.
India India
I recommend this product

Best Value for Money Cappuccino/Espresso Coffee Machine❣️

Visakha Ma'am thank you very much for attending me yesterday even though it was a holiday!! The machine is working absolutely fine!! I Love it!! The mistake I was making was using full fat milk the Amul Red packet one and the cream of the milk or what you call 'Malai" in Hindi was getting stuck in the Pipe of the Milk Frother!! Thank you for making an affordable Cappucino Machine!! I generally make maximum 3-4 cups/day coffee!! Hoping and Praying it works atleast for the next 2-3 years until Iam able to finish my studies lolz .Its absolutely Fuss free!! I was especially apprehensive as I did not feel confident about the Milk frother!! There is learning curve when it comes to coffee!! Thank you for guiding me, I appreciate it. I would recommend your wordenful machine to all my coffee addict workoholic friends!! Shubhra Halder

Manpreet k.

Must buy

Great value and variety in this set. Really enjoying the coffeeza capsules.

Chidambaram P.

lovely packing

Fast & simple.I have had this coffee maker a few weeks and I am very satisfied with it. It could not be simpler. It is so fast in making a cup of HOT coffee. it is so fast and simple it is not missed.

Diona S.

Excellent Packing Impressed

worth the money.I have to say that this is the best coffee maker I have ever used, or seen. The quality of the coffee is significantly better than the cheap machines you find. I was skeptical when a coffee friend was raving about the coffeeza machine, but after using it for over a month, it is definately worth the price. It is very reliable and easy to maintain. In an era of throw away appliances, it is nice to see something made to last.

Rajesh R.

Simply amazing

the coffee tastes a thousand times better from this machine.As a former Barista, I can be quite picky when it comes to coffee.. and let me tell you, the coffee tastes a thousand times better from this machine.. I'm in love. Worth every penny.

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