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Classico Coffee Capsules

Product image 1Coffeeza Classico Coffee Capsules nespresso compatible
Product image 2Coffeeza Classico Coffee Capsules nespresso compatible
Product image 3Coffeeza Classico Coffee Capsules nespresso compatible
Product image 4Coffeeza Classico Coffee Capsules nespresso compatible
Product image 5Coffeeza Classico Coffee Capsules nespresso compatible

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  • Rated 6/10 Medium Intensity
  • 100% Premium Arabica Blend
  • Coffee sourced from plantations in Brazil, Colombia and Papua New Guinea
  • Roasted and Blended in Italy
  • Coffeeza and Nespresso* Compatible
  • Perfect for Espresso, Lungo, Latte, Cappuccino and Other Coffee Beverages
    • COMPATIBILITY: Coffeeza Classico capsules are compatible with Coffeeza Lattisso Coffee Maker machine and Nespresso Original machines only. Great tasting & premium Italian coffee pods for Nespresso drinkers.
    • TASTE NOTES: Coffeeza Classico has a Fruity, Enchanting and Aromatic flavour with an after-taste of dried nuts and unsweetened cocoa. Tastes excellent as Espresso, Ristretto, Americano, Lungo. Can also use to prepare Cappuccino, Latte, Affogato and other milk coffee beverages. Medium Intensity 6/10.
    • COFFEE ORIGIN: 100% Arabica coffee beans sourced from Brazil, Colombia and Papua New Guinea. Roasted, Blended & Ground in Italy.
    • BEST BEFORE: Each capsule pod has a 24 month Shelf Life from the date of packaging.

Central and South American blend of Arabica coffee, medium roasted resulting in an aromatic, fruity and delightful aroma.
Our Classico blend is crafted to deliver a fruity, enchanting and aromatic flavour with an after-taste of dried nuts and unsweetened cocoa.

Intensity 6/10
Acidity Light
Bitterness Mild

Body Medium
Roasting Medium
Aromatic Profile Citrus fruits, chocolate, caramel and dried fruits


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  • Can I make multiple cups of coffee with one capsule?

    No, one capsule can make one cup of coffee. One capsule can either give Espresso (short coffee) which is 30ml or Lungo (long coffee) which is 70ml.

  • What material are the coffee capsule made of?

    The pods are made of recyclable plastic material. Furthermore, please note, we are soon about to launch our recycling program.

  • What does Classico Coffee capsule contain?

    It is the freshly roasted ground coffee with the blend of Arabica coffee.

  • Shelf Life of the capsule?

    Shelf life of the capsule is 24 months from the time of packaging.

  • How much coffee is contained in the capsule?

    Our coffee capsule contains 5g of roasted coffee.

  • Do u have any capsules which are Robusta n Arabica coffee, like Nespresso Master Origin INDIA

    Greetings from Coffeeza.
    Our Intenso and Classico coffee capsules both are Arabica coffee.
    Currently Intenso blend is out of stock.

  • Capsules can be used with coffeeday automatic Orion coffee machine?

    No they cannot work in Cafe Coffee Day machines. Coffeeza capsules only work with Coffeeza or Nespresso machines.

  • How do you make Coffee with these Capsules?

    You have to use a compatible coffee machine. Please check out Coffeeza Lattisso and Finero coffee machines for more information.

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