Coffeeza’s Coffee Capsule Story Brewed Just For You!


What is inside the coffee capsule?

Coffeeza sources its premium quality coffee capsules from Italy, the country known for its ubiquitous coffee culture. The coffee sourced to pack in these capsules comes from the best coffee farms in the world. Our classic coffee is sourced from the tropical lands of South America, Africa, and India. Classic coffee has sweet. The nutty and fruity profile, which gives the coffee sommeliers a balanced cup of coffee.                           

                             Coffeeza capsule's anatomy

                         Coffeeza single-serve coffee capsule’s anatomy

After the careful sourcing of coffee, it is sent to the best roasteries in Italy for roasting. This is followed by Capsule packaging, where coffee is poured in single-serving coffee containers and vacuum sealed with nitrogen to keep it fresh for 24 months. These vacuum-sealed capsules then sent to our customers.

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